Healthcare organizations must hate apples. Think about it. The slogan of the apple suggests that eating just one a day "keeps the doctor away." Real nice, apple people. Most healthcare organizations don't have that level of built-in publicity. And, with the world's collective fear of needles being what it is, medical care companies already have the slipped discs stacked against them.

How can healthcare providers rise above the noise of a tree-fruit-chomping public? How can they stick out in a world filled with supplements, juice cleanses, and those aforementioned apples? Marketing. Fun, attention-grabbing, take-a-deep-breath-and-hold-it marketing.

We found some inspired healthcare graphics and icons in our royalty-free collection to help market these medical marvels. They're colorful, friendly, and instantly downloadable. Set up some time and check them out.

Medical icon set |  Aha-soft

Medical icon set | Aha-soft

Weight loss and scale icons |  Microvector

Weight loss and scale icons | Microvector

First aid flat icon |  AlexWhite

First aid flat icon | AlexWhite

Medical icons set |  Utemov Alexey

Medical icons set | Utemov Alexey

For more health-conscious, royalty-free graphics and icons, check out our Healthcare Icons lightbox below. And, if you're new to Bigstock, why not sign up for a 7-day Free Trial of an image subscription. You'll be able to download up to 35 free images over the course of your trial. Happy downloading.

(Header image by Bigstock contributor All Vectors.)


AuthorBrian Masefield